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Information about "The Rowena Incident"

"The Rowena Incident" is a heroic scale painting, 9.5' tall x 10' wide, by Stev H. Ominski depicting an interpretive event during the Missoula Ice Age Floods in The Dalles area of the Columbia River. This piece is one of the growing suite of works artist Ominski has produced, illustrating the Ice Age Floods.

This painting was commissioned for the permanent collection of the The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, in 2007 and completed in 2008, where it can be seen and experienced as part of the Discovery Center's Ice Age exhibit.

This is one in a growing suite of paintings and drawings depicting the Missoula Floods as they might have looked when they occurred. Ominski consults with geologists and other specialists in order to create images that are as technically accurate as possible, given current scientific understanding.

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"The Rowena Incident" Original painting 9.5' x 10'. © 2008 Stev H. Ominski. All rights reserved.

To learn more about his project and exhibits of the paintings, contact: Stev H. Ominski, in Corvallis, OR (541) 752-4962 |