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An important role of the Institute is to help people identify and sift through the substantial amount of material available about the Ice Age Floods and related topics.

For information related to the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail, visit Trail Page.

General Bibliography
Non-Technical bibliography includes books, bulletins, periodicals, maps, videos, DVDs, field trip guides, slide shows, and newsletter articles

Field Guide List
Includes most guidebooks of IAFI field trips (PDF, 21kB)

Bibliography of the scientific literature:

Glossary of of technical terms

IAFI Bylaws
Bylaws of the Ice Age Floods Institute

IAFI Store
Books, DVDs, other media and logo items you can order from IAFI

IAFI Brochure
The IAFI brochure is our introduction to the Floods and the Institute, formatted for a 3-part fold of double-sided printing. (PDF, 1.2 MB; rev.12/2015)

Jones & Jones/IAFI Brochure
Another brochure on the Floods and the IAF National Geologic Trail, with color photos. (PDF, 2.9 MB)

A map and information about geocaches at Ice Age Floods sites.

Car Tour Map for Tri-Cities, WA
A map for visiting and learning about Ice Age Floods features near Richland, WA. Link is to web page hosted by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), where you can view an interactive Google Maps version and download a PDF version of the map (11 MB).

To obtain a paper copy of the map, please contact the Tri-Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau, Mailing Address: PO Box 2241, Kennewick, WA 99302, Street Address: 6951 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, Phone Number: 509.735.8486 / 800.254.5824, Fax Number: 509.783.9005.

IAFI Scientific Advisory Panel
An expert panel is available to assist authors, reporters, teachers, interpretive designers, and others by answering technical questions or by commenting on technical information in manuscripts or drafts of presentations. To be referred to a member or members of the panel, contact the IAFI President.

Ice Age Floods List Server
There is an Ice Age floods email 'group' available through Yahoo Groups. It is not officially sanctioned by the Institute, and messages sent to the list are received by all subscribers, whether or not they belong to the Institute. The group is a useful avenue to share news, information, and opinions, etc., related to the Ice Age floods. We have had a mix of traffic on this channel, both technical Q&A and organizational info. The email group is open to all who are interested in the Ice Age floods, although the moderator reserves the right to screen information and contributors to minimize spamming. Go to if you are interested in joining the email group.

Ice Age Floods Archives
Eastern Washington University's JFK Memorial Library hosts the official archives of Ice Age Floods literature, including science and history of science articles and other materials. For more information, please contact: Charles Mutschler University Archivist JFK Memorial Library 816 F Street Cheney, WA 99004-2453 (509) 359-2254


The Floods Phenomenon Online Resources

National Park Service Study - Study of alternatives for the proposed designation and development of an Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail. The Trail would be a system of routes linking significant sites and interpretive facilities across the region. Legislation to fund this project is currently being considered. (For more about this project, see The Proposed Trail).

Glacial Lake Missoula - This website is maintained by the Montana Natural History Center. The site presents a summary and virtual tour of the area impacted by Glacial Lake Missoula and the Ice Age floods.

A description of the Ice Age Floods by Ronald J. Wasowski, C.S.C.

The Soap Lake Conservancy- Soap Lake is a unique Ice Age Floods feature. Its highly mineralized water is home to a special collection of flora and fauna.

Geology of the Columbia Plateau, including Miocene basalt flows and Ice Age Floods (USGS).

Oregon Public Broadcasting's Catastrophic Transformation of the West Glossary

A brief overview/comparison of Pleistocene Floods in different regions of the world (Arizona University).

Recent Alaskan Glacial Outburst Floods In our own times: A recurring glacial dam in Alaska failed on August 14, 2002. Russell Lake

Geology of the Columbia River Gorge - US Forest Service site featuring information on the Ice Age Floods, basalt flows, previous paths of the Columbia River, and more. Also an illustrated glossary.
main site:

The Applied Geology and Geochemistry Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory maintains several files containing slides and publications on the Ice Age Floods.


Pacific Northwest Geology

DIGITAL BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE GEOLOGY AND MINERAL RESOURCES OF WASHINGTON The file includes material dating from 1798 and is updated monthly. Compiler and editor is Connie Manson, librarian at the DNR Div. of Geology and Earth Resources Library in Olympia, Wash., one of the best libraries for Washington geology material.

Touchet Bed Clastic Dikes - Olympic-Wallowa Lineament Seismicity- Abstracts of papers prepared by Kevin Pogue of Whitman College.


Northwest Geological Society The Northwest Geological Society provides information and links on a variety of geological topics in the Pacific Northwest, including the Ice Age Floods.


Tourism Opportunities Related to the Floods

Request a copy of the Wenatchee Area Ice Age Trail Map (Please add your name and postal address when requesting a map.)
The Wenatchee Convention and Visitors Bureau is distributing a beautiful new map of Ice Age Floods features in the Wenatchee Valley region of central Washington. The two-sided map measures 24" x 18" and includes 2 tour routes with directions and many photos of Floods features. Side 1 has an overview of the Floods phenomenon and a 30-mile tour route with 18 stops. Side 2 has a 164-mile tour route with 40 stops.

Bergstrom Aircraft - Located at the Pasco Airport, is a sponsor of the IAFI. A flight with Bergstrom's offers a unique way to see flood features. It truly is the best way to see some kinds of features, and may be the only way to see others. The Webmaster suggests scheduling your flight very early in the day- within a few hours of dawn- so that the low-angled light accentuates the contours. Evening hours can work as well. Ripple features just jump out at you under a low-sun.

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Recent Press

The Clovis Conflict: 1987-1992A retrospective report by the Wenatchee World on the discovery and subsequent controversy surrounding the spectacular trove of stone tools made by the Clovis people. The stunning and beautiful arrow heads were found in an apple orchard on Pangborn Bar, the collossal Ice Age Floods gravel bar in East Wenatchee, WA. This special website is a valuable read for anyone interested in Washington state archaeology, Paleoindian studies, anthropological research, and historic preservation.

"An Exquisite Scar " - Magazine article describing the Channeled Scablands accompanied by a beautiful gallery of photographs. The article originally appeared in the Fall 2004 issue of Washington State Magazine.

"Erratics" - Article in the Spring 2004 issue of Northwest Science & Technology on the distribution of erratics in the Pasco Basin. Features IAFI member Bruce Bjornstad. Reproduced with permission, Northwest Science & Technology Magazine, a publication of the University of Washington, Spring 2004, pp. 24-28.

"Prosser Boulder believed to be from Ice Age flood"- Discusses Floods origin of large granite erratic boulder. Features IAFI members Bruce Bjornstad and Gary Kleinknecht. Tri-City Herald, April 3, 2002.

"Sky-high icebergs carried boulders from the Rockies to south-central Washington" - Web coverage of recent research on ice-rafted erratics by IAFI member Bruce Bjornstad and colleagues.

"Ice Age Floods Trail Quite A Hike" - Discusses the proposed Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail. CBS News, 11/10/03.

"Possible park would tell story of Ice Age" - Another article on the proposed National Geologic Trail. Bremerton Sun, 6/5/2000.

"Sedimental Journey"- Follows the path of the Ice Age Floods, with descriptions of many local features along the way, and numerous photos. Montanan (Univ. of Montana), Winter 2001.


Other Sources

Kamiakin and Southridge High project- some good photos.